Frequently asked questions

1. When did you retire? How long were you in the jewellery business?

My wife Elena and I retired in 1987. We left Toronto shortly thereafter and relocated to Fort Erie, ON where we currently reside. As sole proprietors, we were in the jewellery business for over 22 years. For a few years prior to our purchase, I had worked for the previous owners.

2. Do you currently have a store location?

No. Presently, we are selling our remaining inventory through the internet only.

3. Why do you have so much stuff for sale?

We have a substantial amount of inventory because our original intention was to reopen our business following our relocation in 1987. However, shortly after our move it became evident that it was in our best interests not to reopen at that time due to economic uncertainty; over the next couple of years we considered the idea of reopening, however this did not come to fruition and as a consequence, our retirement became permanent.

4. Is your stuff used?

No! The inventory you find on this site is all brand new. That is, it has never been worn, was originally purchased either directly through the manufacturer or its representatives, and was preserved in storage, until now.

5. Is buying through your website safe?

Yes! When purchasing through our website, you are redirected to PayPal'sTM website where the actual transaction takes place. PayPal uses a secure channel ("https://") for payment processing so you don't have to worry about your personal information being compromised. We do not have access to any of your personal information (other than your shipping address) throughout the entire process, nor will we ever have access to this information. Upon completion of your transaction, PayPal notifies us that a purchase was made through our website, via email.

6. How does one purchase from your website?

Please refer to our How to Purchase section.

Upon completion of your transaction, PayPal notifies us that a purchase was made through our website, via email. We then verify the payment and ship the merchandise.

7. Why do you not offer refunds? What buyer protection do I have?

In general, we do offer buyer protection; if the item is significantly different from that described, then an exchange or refund would be possible. That is to say, if one purchases a ring and gets earrings or cufflinks in error, rest assured that we would remedy the issue.

Our main concern is modifcation or damage to items after receipt. In the past, there have been issues where people are known to have substituted real gemstones (i.e. diamonds) for fake ones and subsequently ask for refunds. Although these types of horror stories are far and few between, they have a lasting impression on sole proprietors whose livelihood is based upon the foundation of trust!

When purchasing through PayPal, additional buyer protection is applicable based on PayPal's policies; please refer to Paypal's website for further information regarding their specifc buyer-protection policies.

8. How long does it take to receive a purchased item?

Our items normally ship within one to three business days. Depending on the destination, they usually arrive within a week's time. We typically send our merchandise via registered mail and/or require a signature to receive the item.

9. Are your items insured during shipping?

Yes. Our items are insured for their aggregate purchase value.

10. Why do your videos take several minutes to load/run?

The videos in our Video Gallery are typically four to five minutes in duration and employ high quality video therefore, their sizes are quite large; if your browser supports the Shockwave Flash plugin, then the videos should start playing almost immediately. Having a high bandwidth internet connection would expedite the download/play process.

11. Are you adding new merchandise to your website?

Yes. New merchandise is being added to the website as it is being removed from storage. There is a considerable amount of items which remains to be added still. Please frequent this site occasionally to check what's been added.

12. Do you have a mailing list for when you're adding new merchandise?

We are currently in the process of adding a guest list to our site. Once you're on this guest list, you will be notified of website merchandise updates.

13. How are discounts applied to purchases I've made?

Discounts on purchases are typically applied during the checkout process. In some cases, due to legacy issues, the discount may be applied as a refund when using PayPal; shortly after the purchase is made, you will receive a refund in the amount representing the difference between the list price and the discounted price.

14. One description mentions an item's weight as being 2.4g but, the digital scale shown in the picture displays only 2g. Why is there a difference?

Most of the items were weighed using a scale measuring to the tenth of a gram. The digital scale (as it is easier to show in pictures) employs a rounding function which rounds down to the nearest gram. To illustrate this, two rings which have respective weights of 3.7g and 4.6g are weighed on the digital scale individually, then together. Please refer to the Weight Measuring Example below. Notice the rounding down of each measurement.

15. I'm located outside the United States and Canada; do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please refer to our International Shipping Policy for more information.

16. To whom do I give feedback?

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact me at "".

Weight Measuring Example: Two rings, weighing 3.7g and 4.6g, respectively, are weighed using a digital scale. The illustrations show that the scale is rounding down.
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